T.V. can be Good

   T.V. can be good because some shows are education. 

News is good

T..V. is good because shows like the news tell you what is going on around the world. It might even help you with your states and regions.

Even cartoons can be good

Even cartoons can teach you lesson. For example , it can teach you not to be extremely mean to siblings . I believe  that t.v.is good.

Digital Footprint

Everyone has a digital footprint. A digital footprint starts before you are born and ends after you die. Once a footprint has started, anybody can get into your computers history. A digital footprint can allow anybody to invade your privacy.  A digital footprint can track you no-matter what computer you use, if you use the same email account.

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Did you now that pythons are constrictors.  They wrap there body around there prey.  They squeeze there prey tighter and tighter every time they take another breath.  After  there prey is dead,  they swallow it whole.                                                                                                          python3